X-FIPER Meta Aramid Fiber

X-FIPER Meta Aramid Fiber

X-FIPER aramid fiber features advantages, such as high temperature resistance, fire resistance, insulation, abrasion resistance and good dimensional stability, which is widely used in such fields as environmental protection, filtration, high-performance protection products and electrical insulation, cellular materials applied to the airplanes & high-speed trains.

X-FIPER Meta Aramid Fiber is of the full-meta structure with the formal chemical name of polyisophthaloyl metaphenylene diamine, which shall fall within the scope of the aromatic polyamide. Heat-resistant X-FIPER Meta Aramid Fiber’s chemical structure is extremely stable. Its high resistance toward the weak acid, weak alkali and the majority of organics such as the chemicals including ketone and alcohol make it widely use in in broad application.

Meta-Aramid Fiber TG Graph

Main technical parameters

Initial modulusg/D30-70
Limited oxygen index%28±2
Glass transition temperature270
Melting point400
Temperature under long period of time204
Temperature under short period of time240
CombustionCarbon-free droplet, flame retardant, self-extinguishing


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