X-FIPER New Material has always been conducting the management and development of the human resource based on the ideality that “human resource is the most important resource of the enterprise”. The wisdom and capability of the human being are deemed as the steady flow of oil field and mineral resources. The company focuses on the recruitment and development of talents and provides equal development opportunities for all the employees. The company attaches the importance not only to the introduction of the talents but also to the training of the existing talents. It is under a good learning environment and with plenty of opportunities to advance that enables XFIPER to become a vibrant modern enterprise giving full scope to the talents.


The person with the advantages such as good attitude with the high sense of responsibility and commitment, competent at his (her) own job, always endeavoring to do still better, and making continuous improvement shall be deemed as a talent.

Hiring Principle

The importance of having both integrity and ability with integrity as priority. Being a good person could lead to good thing and good result. Practical working capability with personal growth potential.